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Martin and Nica

Together with our families, we invite you to join us at the celebration of our marriage

When you know, you know.

It started with a swipe which led to a few days of sending memes until they eventually decided to meet up.

They have two people to thank for this encounter: first is Carlyn for letting Martin park in her condo and bringing him to the bar where he was going to meet up with Nica (and for calming him down cause he was nervous). Second is Jopet for going with Nica since she was about to meet up with a stranger and for sticking around and taking one for the team so they could spend more time together.

The relationship started slow, with some controlled butterflies, a lot of guessing how he/she felt, and an inkling of something great but they weren't too sure yet, then it turned into a whirlwind -- they realized they found their person and it didn't matter how quick or short they’ve been together.

Everything fell into place, slowly and then all at once. From the best 10/10 deal where Nica agreed to be Martin’s girlfriend, to them moving in together about a month later, and then him getting down on one knee another month after to ask her to be his forever.

Their love story isn’t like most. It was fast and it was slow at the same time; it was complicated yet easy. It was first something, then it suddenly became everything. It was exactly as it was meant to be: perfect for them.